02 January 2023

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Just like humans needs antibiotics, cats also needs antibiotics for a couple of reasons. Irrespective of their active nature: whether adventurous felines or everyday cough huggers, every cat gets exposed to bacterial infection of some kind throughout their being. Some of the most notable infections cats normally experience include:
• Gastrointestinal upset
• Urinary tract infections
• Skin infections
• Upper respiratory infections

Aside from this, there’s still a long list of cat infections but these ones can gain relief via a natural approach. Though some infections can be so severe to a stage where prescribed antibiotics will be needed: it’s still not a bad idea wanting to go into natural medicine for your cat.

But what is a natural medicine and how will it benefits your cat?
From its name, natural entails anything that’s gotten from nature with no artificial additives. A natural Home remedy antibiotics for cats contains properties with a natural antiseptic. Before the emergence of modern medicine, people sought out substances that proved great in fighting infections in their own.

When talking about naturally fighting off infections, the earth has got a lot to offer. It might be an herb with lots of antibacterial features, or a mixture of ingredients keen to fighting off free radicals. So, why choose a natural antibiotic over modern prescribed antibiotics?

Notable Advantages of Using Natural Antibiotics for Your Cat
Don’t get me wrong here, prescribed antibiotics are essential for most situations. However, there a quite good number of cats that would benefits more from a natural approach. Just like humans, antibiotics may pose some negative effects on your cats. Some may get caught up with gastrointestinal upset, have allergies to the antibiotics or even have resistance to medications over time. Due to this, most cats will perform more with natural antibiotics instead.

So, if you wish to use the natural Home remedy antibiotics for cats when it comes to the care of your cat, it’ll be beneficial to explore the options available for minor infections your cat may face.

Top Natural Home Remedy Antibiotics For Your Furry Friends
Colloidal Silver
This natural antibiotic right here can play many roles when it comes to managing the health of your furry friend. The colloidal silver is a staple substance in the diets of a holistic cat owners, and is also evident in holistic veterinary clinics.

For your furry friend suffering from chronic UTI’s, the colloidal silver is a viable antibiotic option here. Even felines that experiences GI upsets or skin irritations and wounds it’ll really help. Some vets even suggest that colloidal silver can help cats suffering with liver diseases.
Manuka Honey
Just like the colloidal silver, Manuka, honey is also an amazing antibiotic that’s still in use by animal doctors today. It’s antibiotic and healing features makes it an effective product to assist in healing minor and even major wounds on the skin.

Just by carefully applying the honey on the affected portion of the skin, it’ll work at suppressing bacterial growth as well as boosting the recovery process of the skin.
Juniper berry
Juniper berry is a natural additive that can assist cats suffering from chronic UTIs and kidney problems. Because of the antibiotics and anti-inflammatory properties they possess, constant use of juniper berry assists in maintaining the urinary health of your furry friends struggling with these problems.

In all of these, don’t just consider the benefits these antibiotics possess alone, but do well to consult your vet before offering any of it to your furry friends.

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