Buying A Purebred Kitten: Top Tips

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If you've chosen to become a cat owner, you must decide whether you want a kitten, an adult, or a senior cat. Cats have enormous personalities even as a young age, so think about what sort of kitten would fit your lifestyle, particularly as they grow into maturity. Remember that cats may live for up to 20 years or even more, so you and your cat will have a long and happy life together!

So, how do you pick a kitten since there are several lovely cats looking for a permanent home? Keep the following suggestions in mind when you choose “kittens for sale near me.”

  1. Choosing a breeder

It is critical that you pick a breeder with whom you are comfortable. Select a breeder who is licensed by a domestic or international cat organization.

Often, these registered breeders sell microchipped, parasite-treated, desexed, and fully vaccinated kittens. This saves you time going around trying to organize things yourself, and it also saves you money since breeders may pass on their veterinary savings to you, saving you money.

You will not be given the cat's paperwork, and you know nothing about the cat's past. Almost all unlicensed breeders do not provide a warranty with their kittens, and many do not do routine checkups on their animals or DNA tests for hereditary illnesses.

  1. Selecting the Best Breed for You

Consider what qualities you want in a cat. Do you want a cat that is always at your side or one that is more independent? What about the coat's length? Do you prefer short-haired or long-haired cats? These questions will help you choose the best kitten breed for your requirements.

  1. How much does a pedigree kitten cost?

Prices for pedigree cats vary depending on quality and breed. Breeders occasionally sell cats with slight flaws. This can be due to the wrong eye color, a tiny bend in its tail, or an unsuitable white spot. These have no impact on his personality or health. So, if you're looking for a pedigree cat to keep as a pet and don't want to display or breed it, a pet grade cat is ideal. These are less expensive than exhibition and breeding cats.

Less frequent breeds are also more costly. Obtaining breeding stock is expensive, especially for newer or unusual breeds that must frequently be imported from abroad.

  1. Things to look for in a happy, healthy kitten

Look at the kitten's parents as well as the sibling kittens if feasible; their personalities will give you a fair idea of what their kitten's personality will be like. Do the cats look content and healthy? When choosing a kitten, give him a close inspection, checking his eyes, ears, nose, and bottom. 

  1. What to buy for your kitten

Before you bring your kitten home, you will need to purchase a few items, including:

  • A cat bed - This can be with or without a bedspread.
  • Cat toys - Many cats enjoy toy mice, but even simple homemade toys may keep them entertained for hours.
  • Bowls - Plastic bowls should be avoided in favor of stainless steel, china, or glass bowls. At least two are required: one for water and one for food.
  • Litter tray - To begin, we recommend purchasing small-sized trays. If you intend to use clumping litter, wait until the kitten is at least a year old.
  • Scratching post

That is it! Follow these tips when buying a purebred kitten and you will never go wrong. If you are looking for "kittens for sale near me," then you are at the right place.

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