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FIP Coverage

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Feline Coronavirus is a virus that affects around 60% of cats during their lifetime. The lack of an effective vaccination procedure makes it impossible to prevent cats from contracting it, posing potential risks for both the cat and the owner. Purebred cats, often participating in shows, may be at a higher risk of exposure. However, even if a kitten is kept indoors, there's still a risk of bringing the virus home on shoes (as soil contains numerous viruses and bacteria) or during transportation, such as vet visits or the rehoming process.Feline Coronavirus usually doesn't manifest noticeable issues, and pets can live with it throughout their lives without showing symptoms. However, if the virus mutates into FIP (Feline Infectious Peritonitis), the probability of a sudden and tragic death for the cat becomes almost certain. Hence, our company offers a specialized FIP protection plan that can be added to the purchase of any of our kittens. In the unlikely event that your kitten is diagnosed with and unfortunately passes away from FIP within 36 months after adoption, our company will reimburse the adoption fee for the animal.

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