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Why do you want to adopt kittens from us?
Because helping and serving you are the core values of our brand! Your satisfaction is our top priority! That is why our kittens are the highest standard you can find! As a result, hundreds of happy families and many celebrities trust our brand.

   USDA licensed and inspected, Purebred Kitties is a company you can trust.

Here is why:

  1. All our kittens are purebred with show-quality parents and are raised by professional breeders. The cats live in a home environment surrounded by love and care, so the kittens are well-maintained, trained, and socialized.  

      2. We constantly improve our quality control system, so you get the best and healthiest kitten. We test and provide records for:

  • HCM (Feline Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy)
  • FIV/FELV (Feline Leukemia Virus/Feline Immunodeficiency Virus)
  • Feline Panleukopenia Virus Test
  • Herpes Virus and Calici Virus Test
  • igG Antibodies Tests
  • Rabbits Test

     3. Our kittens have:

  • Purebred Pedigree
  • Microchip 
  • Age-appropriate Vaccines and Deworming
  • Health Certificate (Provided by a Licensed Veterinarian) 

 These are only three among many reasons why we think you must adopt kittens from us. We would also like to answer some other common questions and concerns when it comes to adoption.


   “Your adoption fee is high. The other breeders are offering lower fees.”


   Yes, we do have higher adoption fees.

    Here is why:
   1. The most economical options on the market most of the time are scams. If someone is trying to sell you a purebred kitten for less than $2000, it is most likely a scam. Usually, scammers ask you to pay from $350 to $1800. We have heard countless sad stories from our customers. Many people are getting scammed every day and sending money for cats that don’t exist without even a chance of getting it back.

Tip: If you have been scammed while purchasing a kitten, you can help other people by reporting the scammer to Google. You can file a report here:

   2. The middle price option of $2000-$3500 could offer you a real cat, but you can end up paying far more for it in the long run. A sick animal will not bring you any happiness, and emergency rooms will empty your pockets very quickly. A thousand dollar fee will soon jump to a few thousand. Purebred cats can be bred only when you know the origin of the cat (pedigree) for a REASON. They tend to have a lot of genetic diseases that you won’t be able to cure. HCM is a huge problem, and the “purebred” animals sold for a mid-range fee were never tested for it. Most of the time, their breeders can’t even show the pedigree of the kitten’s parents. Forget about HCM testing.

We CARE about our CATS, and we care about YOU.


“Why do you have so many cats available at the same time? Where do they live? How do you manage it? Do they live in cages?”

    We have built a network of selected professional cat breeders whom we trust and whom we work with. Every kitten that we offer lives in a home environment surrounded by love and care until he/she is four months old. After that, our kittens come to the people that are waiting for them. Our kittens are coming from  US-based breeders as well as breeders from European counties like Ukraine, Poland, Slovenia, and Moldova. 


“I don’t feel comfortable purchasing from a third-party company. How can I trust you? How can I check the origin of the animal? How do I know the kitten is living in a good home? How do I know that you care?”


    We have very high standards and have our own protocols and systems in place to ensure that our kittens are healthy and well-maintained. We do all the “policeman” work for you. A lot of times, “reputable breeders” are unable to keep the high standards due to the extensive maintenance that breeding requires. We do the hard job for you.



   “Can the kitten be traumatized mentally because of the long travel?”

   The long travel can sometimes be hard not only on us humans but on animals too. The long travel can definitely negatively impact a kitten’s health if done poorly. That is why we prepare our kittens for transportation. We make sure they are 100% healthy and ready for travel. Our kittens never travel alone; they always have a brother or sister close to them in one crate. We make sure they are warm in the winter and not hot in the summertime. They have an adequate food and water supply. We make it as comfortable as it could possibly get. The travel time is about eight hours, and we work with the best companies that ensure our kitties will get to us safely! Simply put, we care about our babies! 

  “Why are you working with breeders from overseas?”

   It’s quite simple. We wouldn’t be able to help as many people as we do if we had only one small cattery working with us. Hundreds of people are looking for purebred kittens and becoming victims of scams every month. Our mission is to help them find the kitty they are looking for. 

That’s why you should adopt from us!

Much love to you,


Purebred Kitties


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