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What You Need to Know Before Bringing Home a Sphynx Cat

As expert Sphynx breeders and all matters related to hairless cats, we are constantly bombarded by inquiries from newbies and aspiring first-time Sphynx-owners. For most, the only question giving them sleepless nights as they await the arrival of their Sphynx cats is whether they are ready and adequately prepared to bring home a hairless cat.     So, what do you need to know before bringing home a Sphynx cat? Bathing If you own a hairy cat and you are thinking of replacing your pal with a hairless cat based on the misconception that they don't need too much grooming, you are wrong. Being hairless increases grooming because oils, sweat, and saliva are absorbed by the fur of hairy cats....

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Sphynx - Best Emotional Support Animals

      When it comes to choosing the most suitable animal for emotional support, social qualities take center stage. The sole purpose of an emotional support animal is to calm down the person experiencing significant emotional distress or relieve symptoms associated with a psychological disability. This means that the perfect emotional support animal should be an incredibly loving, compassionate, lively, playful, affectionate, and considerate companion. All these emotional requirements can be supplied effortlessly by a Sphynx cat.   On photo: Mari and her Sphynx kitten   Emotional Support Animals versus Service Animals    Some people confuse emotional support animals with service animals. Even though some service animals, such as dogs, can offer emotional support, they are trained to provide...

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Choosing a Litter

Apart from being incredibly lovable, Sphynx cats are extremely loyal. The only catch is that you have to provide proper care for your hairless friend in exchange for all its love and loyalty. You can begin by providing them the best place to pee and poo. A happy hairless cat is more loyal and loving than a gloomy cat. Providing good litter is an effective way to guarantee the happiness of your cat. This is why choosing the best litter once you buy Sphynx kittens is very important. What should you consider when choosing a litter for your hairless cat? Once you buy a hairless kitten, the next stop will be your favorite pet store for kitty supplies. Even though...

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