01Ensuring optimal health for your purebred kitty

At Purebred Kitties, we're dedicated to creating meaningful connections between families and top-notch breeders. We know that your kitten's health is crucial, and we share your concern. While we can't promise a lifetime of perfect health, we make every effort to ensure your new family member begins its journey with you in the best possible condition. Your kitten's well-being is our top priority.

To promote the health and happiness of your kitten, we advocate for responsible pet ownership. Alongside the love and companionship you offer, adopting a balanced diet, ensuring regular exercise, and scheduling routine vet visits are vital aspects of responsible kitten care.

While we recognize that unexpected health issues may arise, we want to assure you that we've taken every possible measure to ensure your new kitten arrives in optimal health. Our broad network includes trustworthy breeders who prioritize love, compassion, socialization, comfort, affection, and proper veterinary care in raising their kittens. Your kitten's well-being is our heartfelt commitment.

02 Our standards for your kitty well-being

Our carefully selected breeders follow rigorous standards, ensuring that each kitten receives:

2 FVRCP Vaccines: These highly effective immunizations protect your kitty from three contagious and life-threatening feline diseases—Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis, Feline Calicivirus, and Feline Panleukopenia.

Rabies Shot: An essential vaccination to safeguard your cat's health.

Fresh Blood Work for FIV/FeLV: Comprehensive screening for these deadly viruses, which unfortunately lack a working vaccination.

Deworming: While each kitten undergoes deworming, we recommend a fecal test and an additional deworming treatment after receiving your kitten.

Our commitment

Our commitment to providing you with a healthy and happy feline companion goes beyond the adoption process. We're here to help you create a nurturing environment for your kitten's ongoing well-being. Additionally, to meet our strict standards, every kitten undergoes an extensive veterinary health check before traveling to you. Your kitten's health is our top priority, ensuring you a trustworthy and joyful adoption experience.

Furthermore, the majority of our breeders can provide comprehensive genetic tests for the parents of the kitten, specifically for hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM). In cases where these tests are not readily available, we offer an additional HCM gene test that can be specifically ordered for any kitten in our selection.

In addition to genetic testing, our company extends the option of a specialized FIP (feline infectious peritonitis) protection plan, which can be seamlessly added to the purchase of any of our kittens. This unique plan assures that in the unlikely event your kitten is diagnosed with and, unfortunately, passes away from FIP within 36 months after adoption, our company will promptly reimburse the adoption fee for the animal.

03 Genetic Health Guarantee

Each of our kittens is backed by a 1-year Genetic Health Guarantee, reflecting our deep commitment to their lifelong health and your satisfaction. Recognizing that each family has unique needs, we offer the option to conduct additional, specific health tests, ensuring that your adoption process is both personalized and fully transparent.

Our personalized approach ensures that from the very first moment, you feel a deep connection and trust as your new kitten becomes part of your family. We understand the joy and love a kitten brings, and we're committed to making your adoption experience as comforting and satisfying as possible. Embrace the heartwarming journey of companionship—adopt a kitten today and fill your home with love and cherished moments.

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