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Welcome to the heart of purebred joy and ethical cat breeding excellence! Here, we connect you with the most reputable cat breeders dedicated to the health and happiness of every kitten. Our commitment to ethical practices ensures your new feline friend comes from a loving, caring environment. Trust in us to find your perfect purebred companion, a bundle of joy that's ethically raised and ready to fill your home with happiness.

01 Finding a reputable cat breeder has never been easier

Discovering a reputable cat breeder has become remarkably straightforward. Our commitment revolves around fostering connections between caring families and kittens seeking loving homes. Central to our mission is prioritizing the well-being of our feline friends and upholding ethical, sustainable breeding practices.

Our platform is designed with your peace of mind in focus. We meticulously vet and verify the breeders within our network to guarantee authenticity. This assurance ensures that when you choose a kitten through Purebred Kitties, you are not only welcoming a new furry family member but also doing so with the confidence that the breeder follows ethical and responsible practices.

02 From the breeder home to your home

Your journey to bring a new kitten into your home begins at the breeder's place. Our breeders are true professionals who love animals deeply and take their work seriously. They treat the kittens like their own children and ensure their health and well-being with great care. These breeders are incredibly dedicated to their cats and kittens, going above and beyond to provide the best.

The kittens are born and raised in loving homes, which is crucial for their well-being and learning how to interact properly. They get used to being around people from day one, forming a bond that continues until they are ready to find their forever homes. The breeders train them to be comfortable with grooming, using the litter box, and make sure they receive the right vaccinations, eat well, and live in a clean and healthy environment.

This care results in kittens that are not only healthy but also friendly, affectionate, and well-behaved. They are already familiar with grooming and human interaction, making them great companions for your home. So, when you start your journey with us, you can be confident that you are getting well-prepared kittens to join your family.

03 Kitten health and wellbeing is a our priority

When the kitten reaches the age of two months, our dedicated breeders initiate a comprehensive vaccination protocol, specifically targeting Feline Panleukopenia, Feline Herpesvirus, and Feline Calicivirus. This vaccination series involves administering two shots at three-week intervals. The careful administration of the rabies vaccination takes place once the kitten reaches a minimum age of three months.

Simultaneously, the veterinarian conducts two deworming sessions during this crucial developmental stage. As the kitten blossoms to 12-15 weeks of age, it becomes fully prepared for its forever home.

Once the kitten is prepared for your home, we conduct a final veterinary check to ensure the kitten's excellent health, coordinate the delivery, and ensure a smooth and stress-free adoption experience for you.

Take the first step toward unconditional love and joyful companionship today by adopting a kitten through Purebred Kitties. Our commitment to prioritizing feline well-being and ensuring ethical breeding practices guarantees a wholesome experience for both you and your future feline friend.

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