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Take your time exploring the available kittens. Adopting a purebred kitten is a significant decision, and we encourage you to make thoughtful choices rather than emotional ones. When choosing a kitten, consider your lifestyle, health conditions (such as cat allergies), and the setup of your home. Each breed has distinct activity levels, attention needs, and grooming requirements.  It's essential to select a kitten that suits your individual preferences and circumstances. If cat allergies are a concern, explore our collection of hypoallergenic purebred kittens, including the option of hairless companions. Any inquiries you may have can be addressed by our adoption specialist and the breeder. Whether you prefer to call, email, text, or use any other communication method, we are here to assist you. You can request a customized video of the specific kitten or schedule a Zoom call with a breeder for a more personalized interaction. We are dedicated to helping you in your adoption journey and guiding you in choosing the right kitten.



Once you've chosen the kitten you wish to adopt, go to the payment options on the kitten's listing, select the "Deposit" option, and click the "Add to Cart" button. This action will take you to the shopping cart. Continue by clicking the "Secure Checkout" button to finalize your reservation. Enter your contact information, and in the "Delivery" section, choose the "Decide Later" shipping method. Safely complete the payment through our secured payment processing system.

Please note that ONLY accepts secured electronic payments and will NEVER accept payments via Western Union, PayPal, Cash App, Venmo, Zelle, or similar non-fraud-protected systems. Additionally, we will never contact you through WhatsApp or similar anonymous services. accepts the following payment methods: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Bank Transfer.

Once the payment is completed, you will receive an order confirmation email, and the kitten will be reserved exclusively for you. Following this, our adoption specialist will get in touch with you to discuss the optimal delivery or pick-up option. If you prefer our "Pay Over Time" program instead of making an upfront deposit, kindly complete the application found here. A prompt decision will be provided upon completing the application. Upon approval of your application, our adoption specialist will assist you in finalizing the contract and securing the kitten for you.

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Congratulations, your kitten is now reserved exclusively for you. Just a few steps remain before you can finally unite with your new purring friend. Once your reservation fee is accepted, our adoption specialist will promptly reach out to assist you in selecting the best delivery or pick-up option from the following:


Local Pick-up: You have the option to personally pick up your kitten. The pick-up location will be provided, and a date and time will be scheduled. Alternatively, if driving to pick up the kitten is not feasible for you, we can arrange for the kitten to be handed over to you at the nearest airport to the pick-up location.

Ground delivery:  For Ground Delivery, we prioritize a personalized and attentive approach to transporting kittens overland. Understanding that travel can be both exhausting and potentially hazardous for a kitten, we limit our maximum driving distance to 500 miles, with a travel time not exceeding 12 hours. Throughout the ground delivery journey, a dedicated driver, well-versed in animal care during transportation, will be responsible for your kitten's well-being. Regular stops will be made to clean your kitten and provide fresh water and food. Your kitten will be transported inside the car salon, ensuring a comfortable temperature and minimizing travel stress. The fee for ground delivery will vary based on the distance and will be calculated automatically at the checkout if available for your location.

Delivery with American Airlines Cargo:The kitten will be transported to the nearest airport via American Airlines cargo and handed over to you at the cargo station location by an American Airlines cargo representative. The kitten will travel in a comfortable kennel, securely closed, with water and food attached to it. The cost of this transportation is $580.

Air Delivery with Nanny: Your kitten will travel in the cabin, and our nanny will ensure their well-being throughout the journey. The delivery can be arranged to any airport of your choice. Our dedicated nanny will personally hand over the kitten to you at the airport. The cost of this transportation service is $1199.


As travel plans are made you will receive a list of recommended items to purchase for your new family member. Take this time to begin prepping your house for your kitten's arrival.  Our adoption specialist will be in touch with you via the SMS and email during this period.




Before any kitten is released, it must reach 16 weeks of age and meet a suitable weight threshold. All kittens are required to be up-to-date on vaccinations, FIV/FeLV negative, undergo a vet exam, and obtain a health certificate before travel is permitted.Once the kitten receives a clean bill of health from a licensed veterinarian, we will confirm the pick-up or delivery date. This will be the exciting moment when you finally get to meet your purring friend.


We also strongly suggest considering the purchase of our recommended items at this time such as:


Pedigree Certificate

HCM Gene Testing


FIP Coverage




Yay! It's time to reunite with your fur baby. By now, your travel or pick-up arrangements have been sorted. During the handover, you'll be presented with the USDA Record of Cats and Dogs Disposition Form and a Non-Breeding Agreement for your review and signature, along with the vaccination and health records of the kitten. We also request a picture of you and your baby kitty at the time of handover. We absolutely cherish these moments!




First and foremost, we express our sincere gratitude for entrusting us with your experience. As a token of appreciation for our hard work and dedication, we kindly ask you to take a moment to provide your honest feedback and rate our service.


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