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Welcome To Purebred Kitties  

USDA-licensed online marketplace for purchasing purebred cats from carefully selected, experienced breeders, ensuring a safe and pleasant adoption experience.

Thanks for stopping by! My name is Maria, and I am the founder of Purebred Kitties. The company was conceived from a young child’s dream to own a unique cat breed after spending only one day with the Sphynx. After daydreaming all my childhood and teenage years, I finally adopted my first Sphynx kitten, Eva, by exploiting some unique skills that I possess to search, buy, and ship the kittens. With the arrival of my kitty, my heart was at peace, but I knew many friends who searched for years without success. First came my best friend, who requested my help shipping a kitten to the US. Then came another friend, and before I knew it, I was helping many people adopt the kitten of their dreams. 

   I formalized my passion for finding and matching the right cat for each person by launching a company called Purring Sphynx. Over time, the number of requests, cats, and connections at home and abroad increased and diversified the breeds of cats requested. To cater to all requests and the demand for different cat breeds, I expanded the company and changed the name from Purring Sphynx to Purebred Kitties. From a childhood dream to a hobby, to Purring Sphynx, and then Purebred Kitties, the importance of protecting animal welfare has always remained deeply ingrained in my DNA despite the transformation and growth over time.    

USDA licensed and inspected, Purebred Kitties always insists and ensures that all the kitties are sourced from highly respected breeders with the passion of advancing the rights of each cat under their care. We partner with professional breeders that are certified and registered with WCF (World Cat Federation) and CFA (Cat Fanciers’ Association). Currently, we can help you to find a Purebred Sphynx, Maine Coon, Bengal kittens, and other different breeds for adoption. You can always be assured of our commitment to you and all the kittens under our care.



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