24 December 2022

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Also called the “Aby”, the Abyssinian cat is a medium sized cat, with muscular body and short coat. They are very sweet and playful, and unlike most cat breeds, they’re very loyal to at least one member of the family. Abyssinian cats loves to climb tall pieces of furniture, as well as play fun game with its owners.

This cat breed is largely known to have a shy way of behaving; always running away from guests, and also isolating itself from strangers that goes in the house. Aside from people, Abyssinian cats shy away from loud noise. Whoa!! That’s a lot of shyness right there. Highly friendly with children and other pets, the Abyssinian ideal addition to the family. But if you’ve got noisy kids, your feline may choose to take cover under beds or anywhere that keeps them safe from the noise till the kids are asleep or out of the house. If they aren’t noisy, your Aby will find them real cool to play with more often.

Though these cats flow perfectly well with the family, it’s however, recommended that you give it a companion cat. They’re highly social and have the tendency of becoming real bore when left idle for a long while.

What’s the basic care of an Abyssinian cat?

Aside from feeding, an Abyssinian cat also requires certain needs like grooming needs and exercise needs. Let’s have a quick look at these needs here for a sec.

Exercise needs of an Abyssinian cat

Though active and playful, the Abyssinian cat requires a medium level exercise. They love vertical spaces and would be good with a cat tower as the perfect addition to their toys. They’re highly active in the home and would appreciate an active family with less noise. Due to their active and playful nature, if you notice any decrease in the activeness of your Abyssinian cat, do well to contact your veterinarian.

Grooming needs of an Abyssinian cat

The Abyssinian cat is a low-maintenance breed that requires little brushing; preferably once per week or more. Bathe as required, starting as an Abyssinian kitten. After going in for a bath, pat with a towel and allow the coat drip dry by itself.

In addition, you’re recommended to brush the teeth of your furry friends on a daily basis as this breed is easily affected by the periodontal disease. Try to carry out a weekly ear check for dirty, debris, and also possible signs of infection. When you notice any dirty or waxy build-up, you can easily get rid of them with a squashy, cotton cloth. Do not use cotton swabs as they can pose major damages to the delicate inner-ear structures of your cat.

Abyssinian are a playful, and active cat that loves cat toys and would really appreciate an interactive playtime. So, to this effect, it’ll make a lot more sense investing in a cat tree or wall-mounted shelves. This gives your cats more room to play and high spots to climb.

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