Devon Rex Cat Care: Tips for New Owners

Devon Rex Cat Care: Tips for New Owners

25 October 2023

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Devon Rex Cat Care


Welcoming a new Devon Rex cat into your home is an exciting adventure. These intelligent and affectionate feline companions require specific care to ensure they thrive in their new environment. In this guide, we'll provide you with essential tips and insights to help you become the best possible caretaker for your Devon Rex.

Understanding the Devon Rex Breed

History and Origin

The Devon Rex breed originated in England in the 1960s. Known for their distinctive curly coat and large ears, they quickly gained popularity for their unique appearance and friendly demeanor.

Personality Traits

Devon Rex cats are highly social and thrive on human interaction. They are playful, intelligent, and often described as "dog-like" in their loyalty to their owners.

Setting up a Safe Environment

Cat-Proofing Your Home

Devon Rex cats are known explorers. Secure any potential hazards, like small objects that can be swallowed or toxic plants, to ensure a safe living space.

Providing Enrichment

Engage your Devon Rex with interactive toys and provide vertical spaces like cat trees for climbing and exploration.

Feeding and Nutrition

Choosing the Right Diet

Opt for high-quality cat food that meets the specific needs of the Devon Rex breed. Consult your veterinarian for dietary recommendations based on age, weight, and any specific health concerns.

Avoiding Common Dietary Pitfalls

Devon Rex cats may be prone to certain food allergies or sensitivities. Monitor their reactions to different foods and make adjustments accordingly.

Grooming the Devon Rex

Coat Care

The unique coat of a Devon Rex requires regular, gentle brushing to remove loose hair and prevent matting.


Unlike some other breeds, Devon Rex cats may benefit from occasional baths to maintain coat health.

Health and Wellness

Regular Vet Check-Ups

Schedule routine visits to the veterinarian for vaccinations, dental care, and overall health assessments.

Common Health Issues

Stay aware of breed-specific health concerns such as hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and ensure prompt medical attention if any issues arise.

Creating a Bond

Spend Quality Time Together

Devon Rex cats thrive on companionship. Dedicate time each day to play, cuddle, and interact with your furry friend.

Understanding Their Cues

Learn to recognize your cat's body language and vocalizations to better meet their needs and strengthen your bond.


Welcoming a Devon Rex cat into your life is a wonderful experience filled with companionship and love. By providing the right care, environment, and attention, you're setting the foundation for a happy and healthy relationship with your new feline friend. Discover expert tips for new Devon Rex cat owners in our comprehensive guide. From setting up a safe environment to understanding their unique traits, ensure a happy life for your feline friend. For more in-depth insights, explore our article: Devon Rex Cat Care: Tips for New Owners. If you are looking for Devon Rex kittens available for sale, Purebred Kitties offers a wide range of Devon Rex Cats kittens for sale.



  1. How often should I groom my Devon Rex cat?
    • Regular brushing is recommended, ideally a few times a week to prevent matting.
  2. Are Devon Rex cats suitable for families with children?
    • Yes, they are known for their gentle and playful nature, making them great companions for families.
  3. What is the lifespan of a Devon Rex cat?
    • On average, they live between 10 to 15 years, but with proper care, some can live even longer.
  4. Do Devon Rex cats get along with other pets?
    • They are generally social cats and can adapt well to other animals if introduced properly.
  5. How can I help my Devon Rex cat adjust to their new home?
    • Gradual introductions, providing a safe space, and offering plenty of love and attention will help ease their transition.


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