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Adopting or purchasing a cat is more like making a good addition to the family. With lots of love, companionship, and a furry body that helps relieve anxiety, these pets are just too perfect. So, do you plan on getting a Maine coon cat and still want to know more about this breed? Well, we’ve got you all covered on this as this article will take you through the main characteristics of this cat breed. But, always remember that a Maine coon cat is an intelligent, affectionate, and big pets that always love their owners. With that said, let’s have a look at the basic things you ought to know about the Maine coon cat.

Maine Coon Cats Are Highly Loyal

At the early stage of their kitty journey, the Maine coon cats are glued to one person. They show full dedication to their owner, following them around whenever they go to and always love spending quality time with their owners above all other people. It feels so good having a pet that loves staying with you. This type of affection and obsession can be seen in other cats, but for the Maine coon cats; their devotion is just for one person. I.e., their owner.

Are Maine Coons Friendly?

One question I always get asked is are Maine Coon friendly? Well, this cat breed are highly friendly and can get along well-with adults, children, and other cats and pets. Aside from their loyal nature, these cat breed sore an intelligent pets that display funny personalities and a curious nature that sprouts up the best when left indoors.

Maine coon chirps a lots

The Maine coon cats have a wide array of very unique noises they make. Maine coons chirp, purr, trill, and goes on me owing whenever they need something from me mostly, they chirp whenever they notice birds out the window and makes a strong chattering noise. It’s totally unclear while they make this sound though, but pet owners assume it’s basically to attract prey.


Aside from feeding, a Maine coon cat also requires certain needs like grooming needs and exercises needs.

Grooming needs of a mine coon cat

The Maine coon cat requires a medium grooming. They’ve got a glossy, heavy coat with 2 layers that mats easily when neglected. So to this effect, it is recommended you regularly brush the coat of your main coon. When the mat becomes tough to get rid of, you can take your pet to a professional groomer so they’ll get a popular lion cut. This cut involves shaving off the body without shaving off the fur at the head, tail, and paws. Aside from shaving, try to trim the nails of your cat, and don’t forget cleaning the teeth’s too

Talking about exercise needs

Maine coons has no special exercise needs. You can culture them to walk on a leash or harness when going on a stroll, also, their physical activity has to be just like most cats, I.e, jumping, playing, running, and sleeping for a long time. Always consult your veterinarian when you notice any abnormality or decrease in the physical activity of your pet, this might be a serious health condition right there.

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