Grooming Tips of Maine Coon Cats

Maine Coon Cat Grooming Tips

Grooming Tips of Maine Coon Cats   

Maine coon cats are a royal breed with a magnificent look. Elegant is an understatement. They are the largest domestic breed. These felines have three coat layers, with furs so thick and beautiful. Maine coon cats are built to withstand the harsh winter climate. They look like they are dressed for winter, literally!

The luxurious outer layer has coarse and denser fur. The undercoat has the propensity to become thicker during winter. When it gets warmer during summer, lots of these hairs tend to fall off. But they grow back right before the next winter.

Grooming, when done right, creates a platform for bonding. It creates warmth between you and the cat and further enhances the trust the cat has in you.

Retaining the royalty of Maine Coon cats demands regular health checks, trimming the fur, and nail clipping. Also, constantly check your cat for fleas and ticks. Maintaining a proper diet plays a significant role in improving their overall health.


When To Groom Maine Coon Cats

With their long silky hair, this breed needs regular grooming. The fur gets matted super-fast, thus it’s advisable to groom daily or at least thrice a week.

Adult Maine Coon cats generally keep themselves groomed. However, during the initial stages, grooming may not be all pleasurable. Generally, cats don’t like to be groomed. So, the earlier you get your cat accustomed, the friendlier a process it becomes.

If you get them started early, the faster they become used to it. Also, if the Maine Coon kitten is afraid of clippers and brushes, leave them lying around. And soon, they’ll become play items for your kitten. Simply, get started as soon as your kitten gets home.

How To Groom Your Maine Coon Cat

Every cat owner desires to have their cat sit still on their lap while brushing through its fur. However, convincing a cat that bathing is fun can be quite challenging. But with patience and tender care, the cat gradually becomes used to it.

Bathing and shampooing reduce the tangling of the thick fur. Maine Coon Cats are self-cleaning with their saliva and rough tongue. However, this doesn’t get to all places. Thus, it’s imperative to bathe your cat every two months.

Markedly, Maine Con cats have long hair, with an undercoat and overcoat. Get separate brushes for both coats. Use a soft-bristled brush to keep the fur tangle-free and sleek. Also, invest in a shedding brush to remove  loose hair.

For Maine Coon cats, tangled hair, if not taken care of, can become a real bother. Regular trimming not only prevents matting but also increases the cat’s affection toward you.

Proper oral hygiene is often overlooked. Brushing the cat’s teeth reduces bad breath and prevents plaque from building up. Brushing can be quite uncomfortable at first, but gradually, the cat becomes accustomed to the procedure.

Nail clipping shouldn’t be left out either. Overly long claws are quite an eyesore. This procedure is, however, tricky with a resistant cat. Your Maine Coon has to be compliant.


Proper nutrition is imperative for a healthy Maine Coon. Make sure your cat is well-fed with quality proteins and supplements. Also, provide the cat with clean water.

Proper grooming is what your Maine Coon cat needs for shinier fur and brighter eyes.



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