Where to find reputable Maine Coon breeders?

Where to find reputable Maine Coon breeders in 2023

14 February 2022

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Where to find reputable Maine Coon breeders in 2023


“Oh, I have been disgusted searching Maine Coon cat breeders near me!” Is that the case for you? If yes, then you have got your solution here. 

Maine Coon cats are royal breeds with an elegant and appealing look. So,  popularity has reached the apex of all time. Quite reasonably, the demand for Maine Coon cat breeders has increased significantly. You may have observed so many Maine Coon cat breeders near you that sell Maine Coon kittens. But are they reliable? That is where you should be careful of making your decision. 

We are to guide you on how you can choose a reliable and reputable Maine Coon cat breeder. Let’s start.

What to consider about Maine Coon breeders near me?

First, we recommend you check the source of the kittens. It is not difficult to find Maine Coon breeders that collect kittens from unreliable sources. So, the kittens might be grown in a polluted and dirty environment. 

If you think that the sources of the Maine Coon cat cattery are reliable, you may move forward to make your purchasing decision. Before making your final decision, go and check the Maine Coon kittens physically. If not possible, consider a video call to choose your kitten.  

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You should query the associated services and offers that the Maine Coon cattery will provide with every purchase. Cause you must have the health guarantee card and pet passport of your kitten. 

In addition, you may look for the FIV and Herpes Virus test results to make sure that the Maine Coon cat cattery is providing you with a healthy and safe kitten. Be clear about what to pay for and what to get as offers. 

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Be sure to check the Maine Coon cat breeder’s return policy. Don’t waste time if you have been delivered a sick Maine Coon kitten. If necessary, contact the support center of the Maine Coon cat cattery.

Should you rely on third-party Maine Coon cat breeders?

Definitely, you should. Most of the reputable Maine Coon cat breeders in the United States import kittens from foreign countries. It is about finding them to make your purchasing decision great.

We have discussed some criteria above to help you make your choice about Maine Coon breeders. Consider them while going for the consumer reviews of the Maine Coon breeders near you. 

Why choose Purebred Kitties?

We work to ensure happy purchasing for you. Purebred Kittens is determined to provide top-quality services to consumers. In any way, we cannot compromise our promise to provide lovely, attractive, and safe Maine Coon kittens.     

We take necessary health and safety measures for our imported Maine Coon kittens to give them a home environment. Partners from European countries such as Ukraine, Slovenia, Poland, and Moldova have strengthened our supply chain over the years. 

Importantly, you will get a number of additional services and offers with our kittens. To know them, go through the FAQs at our Help Center. 

Consider observing Trust Pilot Customer Reviews of the Purebred Kitties as a Maine Coon cat breeder.

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