5 Reasons to Buy a Sphynx Cat

5 Reasons to Buy a Sphynx Cat

21 December 2019

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5 Reasons to Buy a Sphynx Cat

When choosing a pet, you focus on specific qualities that define your ideal pet. In most cases, the ideal pet you envision does not exist because pets are flawed, just like humans. Acquire a pet that you can be contented and comfortably live with, it requires making compromises on a few of the qualities you idealized for your pet. As cat lovers, we all acknowledge that some breeds can’t be associated with affection. Some cats prefer  quality alone time because they are introverted or only offer affection when they need something from you. If lack of affection is a compromise you won’t agree to make, you are in luck because the sphynx will offer you the level of affection you need and more.

Apart from being one of the most affectionate pets, there are five more reasons to buy a sphynx;

Sphynx are intelligent

Have you ever felt that your hairy cat is intentionally ignoring your instructions? You can reduce your frustrations by buying a sphynx. Hairless cats are very intelligent because they will not only understand your instructions but also heed and adhere to the instructions more consistently than a regular cat. When you instruct your hairless cat not to poop under the bed, it is more likely that it will not poop under the bed again compared to a regular who will go under the immediately after your instructions.

Hairless cats don’t shed

Owning a regular hairy cat can sometimes impede your social life, prompting one or two friends to avoid visiting you at home only because there is cat hair all over your house. You can avoid this situation if you buy a hairless cat. Shed? Shed what?

No hair, no allergies

You can also lose a friend or two who are allergic to cat hair if you own a regular hairy cat. The fact that sphynx are almost hairless makes them perfect pets in case you have friends who are allergic to cat hair since they don’t have surplus hair to spare or shed.

Sphynx are indoor cats

Look what the cat dragged in. Whenever this question is posed, we instinctively take a defensive position because the answer can be life-threatening. You can avoid this nightmare if you buy a Sphynx cat. Hairless cats naturally prefer to stay indoors because hairlessness increases the risk of skin cancer when exposed to direct sunlight. Most importantly, it eliminates the possibility that your pet will drag in a snake or a disease-infested rodent. The hygiene of your home and your pet is a bonus for acquiring an indoor cat.

Easy management and eradication of fleas

The embarrassing moment when co-workers cautiously take a few steps away from you because a flea is crawling up your collar can be avoided if you buy a hairless cat. Even though a sphynx can have a few fleas, their presence is completely visible without  thick fur to hide and make a colony. Complete visibility makes it easier to eradicate  fleas before the situation escalates.

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