Choosing a Litter

Choosing a Litter

22 March 2020

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Choosing a Litter

Apart from being incredibly lovable, Sphynx cats are extremely loyal. The only catch is that you have to provide proper care for your hairless friend in exchange for all its love and loyalty. You can begin by providing them with the best place to pee and poo. A happy hairless cat is more loyal and loving than a gloomy cat. Providing good litter is an effective way to guarantee the happiness of your cat. This is why choosing the best litter once you buy Sphynx kittens is very important.

What should you consider when choosing a litter for your hairless cat?

Once you buy a hairless kitten, the next stop will be your favorite pet store for kitty supplies. Even though litter is one of the most important items on a kitty-supply shopping list for the health of hairless cats, most Sphynx cat owners don’t give much thought to the different types of litter. To help you choose the best litter for your Sphynx cat, here are a few elements to consider;  

  • Health friendliness

The best litter for your hairless cat should advance and protect the health of your cat, not destroy or undermine it. According to Pet MD, Sphynx cats have very delicate and sensitive skin prone to issues such as blackheads, acne, blemishes, burns, and so on if exposed to harmful chemicals. The skin of hairless kittens is more sensitive than mature Sphynxes. Therefore, extra care must be taken when choosing a litter for Sphynx kittens.

When choosing a litter, you should assess the material used to determine whether it is friendly to the health of your hairless cat. For one, you should not buy litter that contains dusty chemical substances. Exposing your Sphynx to dusty chemical substances increases the risks of developing rashes on their delicate hairless skin. Also, hairless cats have a sensitive respiratory system, particularly  young kittens. Too much inhalation of dusty chemical substances increases the risk of your Sphynx kitten developing severe respiratory problems. To protect the health of your hairless friend, you should buy an all-natural dustless wooden litter such as Pure Breeds Sphynx Cat Wooden Litter.

  • Highly absorbent

The best litter for hairless cats should be highly absorbent. Even though there are numerous types of litter such as clay litter and synthetic litter, Pure Breeds Sphynx Cat Wooden Litter absorbs more than most of the other litter. Wood litter absorbs more than 500% of its weight allowing you to save more by using far less compared to other types of litter.

  • Locks in the smell

A highly absorbent litter is also beneficial since it locks in and neutralizes most of the smell very quickly. When choosing litter, you should buy Pure Breeds Sphynx Cat Wooden Litter because its high absorbency will allow for quick soaking of your Sphynx cat’s urine and neutralize the odor instantly. Also, the amazing natural smell of wood such as pine wood litter adds to the fragrance of your home.

  • Easy to clean

Even though we love our pets, sometimes we are so busy that we just postponed the long and tedious litter-cleaning process again and over again. To avoid this unfavorable situation, you should buy wooden litter since it is very easy to clean.

Litter containing dusty chemicals can be clumpy and soggy requiring a long and tedious cleaning process to attain the highest level of cleanliness. You should consider buying Pure Breeds Sphynx Cat Wooden Litter to maintain the desired level of cleanliness without strenuous work.


Bonus Tip: Even though you can avoid cleaning altogether by acquiring a self-cleaning litter box, it defeats the purpose since your Sphynx cat will be startled and scared by the automated actions of their litter box and avoid using it. Also, cleaning the litter yourself ensures that you won’t miss any health issues evident in their poop or pee before it becomes life-threatening.


If you are seeking to buy litter we are offering Pure Breeds Sphynx Cat Wooden Litter for sale  is all-natural wood without any chemical additives. Using Pure Breeds Sphynx Cat Wooden Litter will not irritate the skin of your Sphynx kitten. Also, we breed hairless kittens for sale at an attractive price. If you are seeking a loyal and loveable cat, you should buy a Sphynx cat and ensure it protect its health by buying Pure Breeds Sphynx Cat Wooden Litter.


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