Hairless Sphynx Cat For Sale, Price Range and What to Avoid

Hairless Sphynx Cat For Sale, Price Range and What to Avoid

09 March 2022

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 Hairless Sphynx Cat For Sale, Price Range and What to Avoid

  Are you an animal enthusiast who loves to have unique and rare species as pets? Are you in search of a pet that is not common? If yes! Then your search ends here because I have a great pet suggestion for you which is “The Hairless Sphynx cat”.

  Yes, you heard right! The Sphynx cat is a rare and  of its kind of cat breed that has a hairless look with big eyes and ears. According to data, this cat was birthed in Canada in 1966. These cats have a unique appearance with wrinkled skin. Sphynx cats also have a skin of different colors like black, lavender, brown, white, or patterned colors. Many online pet stores have sphynx cats on sale.

  Sphynx cat is the most suitable choice if you are looking for a pet that is friendly, loving, energetic, and yet unique and rare. Sphynx cat will be a great addition to your family that everyone will love as it makes a great companion. In this comprehensive blog post ill share in detail all the important information about sphynx cats. I’ll talk about their personality and health, where you can buy them, what questions to ask while buying, and red flags for buyers. If are planning to buy a hairless sphynx cat, stick till the end because this blog post will guide you about all the aspects that you need to know.

  Things you need to know before buying a Hairless Sphynx cat

  Having a rare cat as a pet sounds like all fun. But you need to know a few things about this breed before bringing one home.

  Important stats about hairless sphynx cats

  • Male sphynx cat weight – 4 to 5 kg
  • Female sphynx cat weight – 3 to 4 kg
  • Life span - 8-14 yrs
  • Grooming needs – High
  • Coat Colors – Black, red, white, cameo, brown, silver, blue, golden, tortoiseshell.
  • The average cost of purchasing – 1000$ for a pedigree kitten

   The monthly cost of keeping a Hairless Sphynx cat

  • Total cost – $145-$315
  • Food – $20-$60
  • Health care – $95-$210
  • Pet insurance $20-$80
  • Medications and Vet Visits – $50+
  • Entertainment – $15-$30
  • Grooming – $5-$20
  • Environmental Maintenance – $35-$75

  Sphynx cats history

  The Hairless Sphynx cats originated in Canada accidentally. The first Sphynx male cat was birthed in 1966 in Toronto Canada. This happened when a black and white domestic cat gave birth to a kitten with a natural recessive mutation. The kitten was named Prune which was then further reproduced with coated and hairless cats to create a diverse gene pool of this breed.

Sphynx cats personality

  Sphynx cats make lively companions as they are a very energetic, active, and intelligent cat breed. They enjoy being in the company of their owner and love to spend time with them. If you already own a pet, you don’t need to worry because Sphynx cats not only make a good companions to humans but also other cats and dogs.

  According to a study conducted, sphynx cats are the most loving and affectionate cat breed among others. They will try every method to keep you happy and entertained.  Sphynx cats are quite humorous too! They are playful and keep doing silly acts to grab your attention. You can expect anything from this cat because it will go to any extent to make you feel relaxed, happy, and loved.

  You won’t be surprised to know that the favorite activity of a sphynx cat is to cuddle and sit in your lap. If you will bring a sphynx cat home, get ready to be greeted by this bundle of joy every time you return home from work. Sphynx cats demand constant companionship, hence if you think you won’t be able to do so, just get two sphynx cats instead of one. They will make great companions for each other. You can go to online stores where sphynx cats are available for sale.

  Health aspects of sphynx cats

  Sphynx cat is generally a healthy cat breed but some common health problems affect this cat. However, a few health conditions might affect these cats.

  • One of the health conditions is hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM). If sphynx cats contract HCM, it results in abnormally thickened heart muscles. Get your cats regularly screened for such conditions, and make sure to do regular electrocardiograms for the detection of such diseases.
  • Besides sphynx cats also suffer from hereditary myopathy which is a condition that affects the cat’s muscles.
  • The skin of Sphynx cats is also prone to health issues such as; urticaria pigments which results in the formation of crusty sores on the skin of cats.
  • Older sphynx cats are also prone to develop dental issues hence they need regular teeth cleaning.

  Some of the health issues that are quite common in cats might appear differently in sphynx cats because of their lack of hairy fur. Regular checkups from a veterinarian are necessary so that problems can be diagnosed if they are present so they can be treated at the right time.

   Avoid the breeders who don’t provide you with a health guarantee for the sphynx cats. Their claim that the sphynx cats for sale are completely free of the HCM can be wrong because it is a common condition. A verbal claim by the breeder doesn’t ensure that the cat will remain healthy lifelong.

  Sphynx cats are not hypoallergenic

  If you are allergic to cats and buying sphynx cats because you think sphynx cats will be hypoallergenic then you are wrong! Even though sphynx cats don’t have hair they can still trigger your allergy because their skin produces a normal amount of dander which is the real culprit behind human allergies. Thus you need to be very careful if you or any family member is allergic to cats.

  Sphynx cats need protection from Cold and Sun

  Hairless Sphynx cats need special attention and care. Their skin is oily hence need regular bathing to avoid skin problems. They are also prone to sunburn and skin damage in high temperatures hence you should keep a check on their sunlight time. They are also very sensitive to cold and hence need special attention and a warm place in winter. Though Sphynx cats are themselves very active in finding warm places to snuggle up.

  Whenever you see a sphynx cat for sale, don’t just quickly decide to buy because of how it looks or behaves, do consider other important factors.  Sphynx cats need extra protection from cold and sun as compared to other furry cats.

  Sphynx cat price range

  The adorable, friendly and super intelligent sphynx cats, known for their “hairlessness” will cost you a handsome amount of money if you decide to buy.

  • A sphynx cat from a novice breeder can cost you around 1500$-3000$.
  • Sphynx cat from an experienced breeder will be in the price range of 3000$-6000$.
  • The price of the colored sphynx cats which are highly rare can go up to 10000$.

  The reason behind the high price of sphynx cat is quite obvious, that is it is a “rare” breed, hence there is a huge gap between demand and supply. You won’t easily find sphynx cats for sale anywhere. Constant health checkups and high maintenance demands add up to the cost.

   An authentic cattery will have tested all its cats (including a mother and father cats) for important tests which include:

  1. Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia (PCD) – 60$
  2. Feline leukemia virus (FeLV) – 36$
  3. Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD1) – 32$
  4. Feline Upper Respiratory Disease (URD)
  5. Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy(HCM) – 40$-60$
  6. Feline Upper Respiratory Disease (URD)
  7. Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA)
  8. Feline infectious peritonitis (FIP)
  9. Blood group DNA Tests – 38$

  Where to buy sphynx cats?


 Questions to ask from a Sphynx breeder

  Whether you are buying a hairless sphynx cat online or offline, asking questions from the breeder is very important to get to know the breed well. In online buying make sure that you have read the description properly, also make sure to check the reviews and comments to have a better idea of their service. Ask them questions via email or by directly making a phone call.

  If you are visiting the store by yourself, which I would encourage, make sure to ask the questions that I am mentioning below. This will help you learn more about the breeder and sphynx breed.

  1. How many kittens do you raise annually?

Raising a lot of kittens might sound good but this can be a red flag because the breeder might be mistreating the cats by giving them no attention.

  1. Is the sphynx cat social?

The kitten kept in close vicinity of other cats and kittens tends to be more social than the one raised alone. Hence you should inquire about the social life of the sphynx cat.

  1. Can you give information about the parents of the sphynx cat?

If you are buying a kitten, you should meet the parents as it will give you an idea of how the kitten will look and behave once it is all grown up. Parents’ temperament also indicates the temperament of the kitten in the future.

  1. Does the kitten come with registration and pedigree papers?

Registration and pedigree papers are proof of the cat’s bloodlines and show you as the owner of the hairless sphynx cat.

  1. Can you show the certifications of parents?

To make sure that the parents of the cat are free of genetically transmitted diseases, always ask for genetic certifications that are proof that the kitten will not develop any genetic condition in the future because they have been tested in advance.  

  1. Are you a member of Sphynx Cat Breeders Club?

Always choose the breeder that is a member of any cat breeders club. Because such breeders comply with the breeding standards of the club hence their cats are raised in more healthy environments and are free of different health problems.

  Red flags for sphynx cat buyers

  You might come across the line “hairless sphynx kittens for sale” quite often. But before making a leap and buying the cat from such ads, keep in mind the following red flags so you can avoid making a wrong purchase.

  • Kittens without guarantees or contracts

If a breeder claims that the kitten is in perfect health and won’t develop any genetic health condition in the future, Don’t Trust!! The words might seem true at the moment but you never know about the future health of the kitten. Always ask for a contract that has a guarantee of health along with the return policy.

  • Breeder asks to meet at XYZ place

If the breeder is from your area, make sure to visit his home or cattery to see the environment where the kitten was raised. If the breeder refuses to show you the cattery and asks to meet at random places, Do Not buy from them. This is a red flag that the breeder might be keeping the kittens in poor condition.

  • The breeder is selling young kittens

An experienced and well-reputed breeder will never sell young kittens who are less than 12 weeks. Displacing kittens at such young age can cause stress and make them prone to different health conditions as they haven’t gotten their vaccinations yet.

  • The breeder provides you with little information

Things are quite better when you visit the breeder in person but when you decide to buy a Sphynx cat online, make sure to detect the red flag of very little information about the cat. This indicates that the breeder is trying to conceal important information and facts.

  Final thoughts

  A Hairless Sphynx cat is a friendly, loving, and adorable cat breed that will add colors to your boring life. Similarly, it will make the best companion for you if you are ready to give it attention and enjoy the cat’s company.

  The most prominent feature is their hairlessness but let me tell you that all the sphynx cats are not completely hairless. There are different degrees of their hairlessness, some have little or no hair. They are covered with fine downy hairs which give them a soft look. Many will not adore the hairless look but this breed has its admirers who love these cats.

  If you are someone who is looking for a playful yet unique pet, a sphynx cat is the right option for you. However keep in mind that the sphynx cat is not for beginners as it demands a high level of maintenance, and care. Not only its needs to be cleaned regularly but also a healthy and careful diet. If you are a very busy person, avoid getting a sphynx cat as it is a very social breed that likes to hang around other cats and humans. 

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