Sphynx Cat Grooming. What, When and How.

Sphynx Cat Grooming. What, When and How.

14 February 2020

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Sphynx Cat Grooming. What, When and How.

One misconception about sphynx cats is that they are low maintenance since they are hairless. If you are seeking to buy a Sphynx cat based on this misconception, sorry to be prepared for grooming at least once a week. For hairy cats, sweat and oils excreted by the skin along with the saliva they use for grooming are all absorbed by their fur.

The fact that Sphynx cats are hairless means that sweat, oils, and saliva stick to their skin whenever they groom by licking themselves. Sticky saliva combines with sweat and secreted oils to create crusts when it dries, requiring you to put in the extra effort with a weekly bath. For your troubles, you’ll be paid with unwavering loyalty and love than any other cat will ever give you. But before you buy a hairless cat, here are some tips on how you should take care of a sphynx cat once you get it home.

How should you groom your hairless cat?
Grooming activities for sphynx cats include bathing, ear cleaning, acne care, and nail care.


Both hairy and hairless cats dislike getting wet. When you buy a hairless cat, inquire from the breeder whether your sphynx cat has been acclimatized to a regular bath. You need this information before you attempt to bathe your sphynx for the first time. Bath is very important for sphynx cats to dissolve and wash away the crusts consisting of oils and saliva. The ideal bath frequency for your hairless pal should be no less than once a week due to the oiliness and sweatiness of their skin.
To attain the highest level of cleanliness, use warm water and a gentle and scentless medicated cat shampoo to kill any bacteria or other germs on the skin. After shampooing and washing off all the dirt on their skin, rinse thoroughly to ensure all the shampoo is washed out. This is very important because their skin is very delicate and sensitive, so any leftover shampoo residue can irritate their skin once it dries up. Immediately after the bath, pat your sphynx cat completely dry to prevent leftover moisture from making them cold. Don’t forget to get in touch with your vet in case there are specific bath recommendations to consider.

Ear Cleaning

Sphynx cats are hairless even inside their ear canals. Without hairs to trap and keep out dirt and dust accumulates in their ear canals very quickly. The build-up should be cleaned out twice a week using cotton swabs, a wet wipe, or a soft cloth and ear cleansers for cats, not for humans, to ensure the build-up doesn’t clog and block the canal completely. Ear wax mixed dust and debris can be difficult to remove when it is hard. Therefore, the best time to clean your cats’ ears is after bathing since the bathwater will soften the waxed-up dirt making it easier to remove. If you want to buy a hairless cat, you have to be prepared to allocate some time for ear cleaning unless you like a cat with hearing difficulties.

Acne care

Just like humans, hairlessness exposes the skin of Sphynx cats directly to elements such as UV rays from the sun and dirt increasing susceptibility to skin problems and blemishes with the common being acne. Accumulation of dirt on their skin can result in blackheads, which should be cleaned off promptly to reduce the risk of developing skin issues in the future. Cleaning a blackhead requires the breakout to be scrubbed lightly using warm water mixed with a mild antibacterial soap. For any other skin-related issues, contact your vet.

Nail Care

The paws of hairy cats are shielded from dust and dirt by the furs surrounding their paws. For sphynx cats, their paws collect all dirt and dust since they also don’t have hair on their feet. Most of the dirt ends up accumulating under their nails. To avoid excess build-up and blockage, you’ll have to clip your cats’ nails regularly to keep them short for less accumulation of dirt. Just like humans’ nails, clipping can be hard if their nails have been dry for a long period. The most preferred time to clip is after the bath once the bathwater has substantially softened. Don't trim beyond the white of their claws to avoid injuring your hairless friend. If you prefer your sphynx all natural with long claws, remove any dirt build-up under their nails using the edge of a clipper.

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