What do You Need to Know before Buying Sphynx

What You Need to Know before Buying Sphynx

What do You Need to Know before Buying Sphynx

As experts in all things related to Sphynxes, Purebreed Kitties receives a lot of inquiries from those who wish to buy a sphynx for the first time.

Sphynx Cat Grooming 

A majority of cat lovers are discouraged from buying a hairy cat because of intensive grooming. Unfortunately, some believe they can simply avoid all that grooming by buying a hairless cat. We don't want to burst your bubble but be prepared for grooming at least once a week. Even though being hairless can be interpreted as less filth and less grooming, this is false. Less hair increases grooming because oils and saliva are absorbed by the fur on the skin. When sphynxes groom themselves, saliva sticks on their nearly hairless skin, which can create a crusty residue of spit combined with sweat and oil. Grooming for a sphynx includes:

  • Bathing: At least once a week

Before bathing your sphynx for the first time, inquire if the breeder acclimatized your hairless cat to a regular bath. Some sphynxes dislike getting wet just like regular cats. Also, you will need to buy a medicated pet shampoo for bathing your sphynx to kill any bacteria or other germs on the skin.

  • Ear Cleaning

Sphynxes’ hairlessness is not restricted only to the skin, but also to their ear canals. Hairless ear canals allow dirt and dust to accumulate in the canals easily and quickly. If you wish to buy a hairless cat, be prepared to clean its ears twice a week using cotton swabs and ear cleaners.

  • Nail Care

If you seek to buy a sphynx, be prepared to do nail clipping once in a while. It is recommended to trim your cat's nails directly after a bath since water softens their nails, making them easier to trim. In case you do not wish to trim, use the edge of a clipper to remove and clean any residue under the nails.

  • Basic Needs

Apart from grooming, you should understand the basic needs of a sphynx before you buy one.

  • Hairless cats need warmth

A Sphynx needs warmth from an external source all of the time. If you wish to buy a sphynx, be prepared to pay more for electricity during winter because you will need to leave the heaters on day and night. Another option is to buy a heated igloo for your hairless friend. Even though some people dress their hairless cats for warmth, sudden changes can be confusing and stressful, which can lead to depression. Just like regular cats, sphynxes love and need warm places to sleep. They will sleep on the radiator or crawl under your blanket in case the house temperature is lower than they can handle.

  • Emotional Needs of Sphynx Cats

Hairless cats need companionship and can act out in a desperate attempt to gain your attention if they are left alone for a period. If you wish to buy a sphynx, buy two to ensure they don’t lack a companion. Also, be prepared to offer your hairless pet all the love, attention, and affection they deserve and crave.


Even though buying a Sphynx cat may seem challenging, they are among the most loving and friendly pets. Your hairless cat will snuggle tightly with you all night, sleep on your lap as you watch a movie, and wait at the door for you to get home. If these are qualities you seek in your pet, a hairless cat will not disappoint you. You can always trust Purebreed Kitties to cater to all your hairless cat needs. We offer sphynx kittens for sale and mature hairless cats for sale.   



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