Finding a Legit Scottish Fold Breeder: Top Questions to Ask


Generally, the Scottish fold is a highly robust, sturdy cat with a life expectancy of 15 years. It has no frightening health issues that are breed-specific or unique to this type of cat. However, you should keep in mind some factors when acquiring a cat of this type. Here are some of the most important things to ask while looking for Scottish fold for sale.

  1. Are kittens neutered or spayed?

This information is critical in determining whether the chosen breeder is reliable. A professional breeder would guarantee that his or her kitties are spayed and neutered for one reason: they build their business on breeding. There is no business when everyone has a cat such as this and has the ability to breed it.

Breeders ensure that kittens from every litter are spayed so that they are the lone breeder in the region where you can find this type of cat. Scottish folds are exceedingly expensive, and breeders are not interested in lowering their earnings so that others might profit from their heritage. Make certain to ask this question.

  1. Inquire about the kitten’s ear cleaning.

    Not only would asking this question give you a good idea of how to have your new Scottish fold kitten's ears clean, but it will also give you an excellent insight into how well cared for the cats you're acquiring are. A breeder who can't teach you how to clean a cat's ears like this to avoid illness or ear mites is most likely not a trustworthy breeder. While these cats are not as prone to ear problems as many people believe, the shortness of the ear, especially in a Scottish fold kitten with a triple folded ear, makes it even more vital to keep the ear clean.

    1. Who are the cat’s parents?

    It’s vital that you ask the question because the wellbeing and health of the cat depend on parentage. Two Scottish fold parents cannot breed healthy kittens.

    When a kitten is born with two Scottish folds, it inherits the gene that leads to health problems. Congenital Osteodystrophy is a disorder that creates problems with a cat's bones by causing the bones in the legs and tail to distort. It is critical that you discuss this with the breeder and get papers on both parents (the American Shorthair should be mated with a Scottish fold) to confirm that there is not a concern with the kitten litter. The indications of this hereditary problem will not surface until the cat is between 4 and 6 months old, which will be too late if you've already acquired the cat.


    These are only a few of the many questions you need to ask any Scottish fold breeder, but they are among the most crucial. These questions allow dishonest breeders to confuse themselves and scrupulous breeders to legitimately demonstrate their expertise in the breed without their understanding of what's going on. It can indicate to you whether you need to walk away or continue working with the breeder.

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